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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who gets your vote Toronto?

Here's my deal, my personal opinion:
Democracy is a contact sport.

It's never pretty.
But. You got to pay to play.

Sometimes you're the guy standing, sometimes, the guy on the
floor ( or woman ).

Life is risk, getting o
ut of bed is risk.

You can't com
plain if you're not in the game.

So, every election I vote in. I volunteer.

For a candidate or if I'm on the fence, for the elections body.

This time. I can't sit it out.

My candidate w
as always Rocco Rossi in my heart. He just never came through. Today Rocco released me, and stepped down.

Look at this guy.
Read th
e now hundreds of articles.

I've met him, listened to him, been to debates, watched and listened to dozens.

I don't care about his past indiscretions. He's human and his honesty about himself is indeed refreshing. But what about those thoughts and beliefs?

He's everything I fear in humanity.

He says exactly what we're all thinking.

In our bigoted, racist, truly elitist, car-loving, planet-killing, hateful hearts.
I'm talking about me, not you.

I can't go there, won't go there.

Georgie, I've put on the purple tie. Let's go.

Anyone care to come along?

Dear network, I will always respect your decision.
But I can't respect no decision.

Ten days Toronto. Let's do it.

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