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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Presentation Secrets

Seth Godin often says:

If your goal is to share your message and help others
It's selfish to not tell your secrets 

Telling your secrets makes you up your game
Until your product is just you.
And no-one can do you better than you.

I often get compliments on my presentation style - but the number ONE question I get is "where did you get that awesome powerpoint clicker?".

Technically, Al Gore (see tip 5).
But it was more my annoyance of going to so many conferences and speaking sessions where we had paid the plenary speaker thousands of dollars and they couldn't spend a couple bucks on a clicker. It's distracting for me when you walk across the stage and hit a button on your laptop - it's embarrassing for you if you're the speaker.

Now the Logitech R800 is the next-generation of what I use but it's the Cadillac!

Green laser for better clarity, easy to use buttons with and ergonomic design and that count-down timer is a MUST to respect the time of those you're speaking to

Here's the promo video:

But! The tools are just tools. The medium is the message right?

And so more secrets revealed, my favourite book on the architecture: 

The design is the elegant Garr Reynold's Presentation Zen

And a great book "Speak Easy" which was a fast read but the tips have stuck with me for years...
So! Now that you have my secrets - get presenting!

As always, if I can help, I'm at your service,


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CAGP 2012 Conference Twitter team!

Just a few more sleeps until the national CAGP conference!

A quick note for any twitter users attending, we have an official twitter-team to help guide and engage during our time together! We are:

Myself, Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU
Leah Eustace @LeahEustace
Christina Attard @GPTekkie
Kate Lazier @CharityLawCan
Trina Owens @towens0315
Samantha Laprade @gryphonreport
Amanda Stacey @EstatesLaw

Don't forget to write your handle on your nametage when you get it!!!

The conference account is @CAGP2012
Most importantly the Hashtag is #CAGP2012

Now, I'm not going to lie and pretend this was my idea. No our resident social media expert Leah Eustace lead a huge team this past year with our peers at AFP, here is her valuable post

The chance to engage, network, meet up, help each other using twitter is amazing, a new benefit I've just started using this past year. Why not join us and create a twitter account today and tweet with us at #CAGP2012 !

Hope this is a helpful video to get you started!! See you in Victoria!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

CAGP Victoria Conference Networking

Gift Planners from across the country will soon assemble in beautiful Victoria British Columbia!

Many of the country's best and brightest will soon.....wander the streets and eat dinner alone?!?!

Didn't anyone listen to Keith Ferrazzi?

Every year it happens, to newbies a
nd grizzled veterans of the conference. You fly in and don't know who's in town and end up eating dinner alone the first night when you could be casually getting to know peers do some REAL relationship building - not the stuff done on breaks and over loud lunches at circular tables.....

Something I'v
e done a number of years in a row... this year I've teamed up with fellow CAGP super-fan, Christina Attard to host not one but TWO networking events.

Tuesday Ap
ril 17 - We'll meet in the lobby of the Fairmont Empress
between 6:30pm and 7:00pm

Leave for dinner from there
No RSVP, bring anyone you like ( spouses too! )

It's a tweet-up too!
@UinvitedU ( that's me )

@GPTekkie ( that's Christina )
Please use the hashtag #CAGP2012 ( for this event and the conference )

The second ev
ent? Friday April 20th - but it's a secret ...for now....( I may or may not be wearing the lobster claws from the 2007 conference ) *insert mysterious sound here*

Bottom line is, we came to connect and learn - why not have some fun too!
The conference theme is after all:
Explore. Dream. Discover ~ All things that are boring and unproductive alone right?

Whether you're a type-a networking machine or a "thinking-class" strategist you'll meet someone who does what you do and can help you do it better - that's why we come to this thing right?


See you there, Paul

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why I threw the tie

What a ride at Stephen Thomas'
Young Nonprofit Profession
als last week!

My first talk of this format, I'm still a little rough around the edges you be the judge - the talk is only 10 mins, would love some feedback/coaching

The topic? Managing Brand You,
Tips on How to Harness Your Superpowers

One thing I think didn't come across was - why did I throw my tie?

Many people know me as "the suit guy". I've been in a suit since I was 19. It wasn't part of the uniform but yes, I even wore ties in High School.

A confession:
It's my professional armour

And as much as that serves and gives me power on t
he "job" the time has come for me to engage in a more vulnerable way.

Spending time with consultants and creative types who dress with style and not by uniform - who dress to express - has created the desire to be that guy more often.

So! If you see me outside of work, help me "BE" the a
uthentic aspiration I am encouraging others to be and - toss the tie.

What's your tie? Fin
d out, check out some of the resources I recommended in the video, books and otherwise.

And as always, if I can be of help, connect.

It's not a catchphr
ase it's my way of life:
I am at your service.


ps. Thanks again Stephen Thomas crew for the opportunity. If YOU want to be a part of this safe space of growth and challenge, connect with ST online and at my beloved LinkedIn too!