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Monday, July 9, 2012

Giving Away Presents on your Birthday?

The folks at "Box of Crayons" have waaaay too much fun

They help people do less 'Good' work and more GREAT work... 

Recently I went head over heels for their book published with marketing uber-inspirationist Seth Godin ( you mean you haven't read "End Malaria" $20 for advice 62 of the world's most awesome business authors?!?!? )

They are well known for their awesome thoughtful videos to help you do better work...

And they already give away a ton of free stuff..

But on their 10th birthday they want to help you! Check out this boatload of great  stuff (from authors like Pam Slim and Mark Bowden ) to live with more focus, strategy in your work and life...

Enjoy, here's a little more about these great folks... follow @BoxofCrayons and please wish them a happy birthday by tweeting them at #BOC10 today!!

Hope it's of value! Thanks for reading...


Sunday, July 8, 2012

LinkedIn and Twitter breakup is GREAT for networking strategy

It's been a thoughtful few days for me.... 

I'm neck deep in one of the most popular business books in North America, I watched the video at the end of this post which has me very thoughtful and last week LinkedIn and Twitter broke up.

I'm ecstatic.

I've been saying for a while now that people should disconnect their twitter and LinkedIn accounts because although they are both critical voices in a "business media" strategy ( I've no interest in social media ) these are voices that should be different. Leave it a great peer of mine Promod Sharma to have one of the best business discussions on the net about the practical applications of the split. Read his post here.

Recently, while defending my useless brother-in-law my Mother mentioned something her Mother told her... "every finger on the hand is different, all are important and serve a purpose". Old and wise words indeed.

So how do are these voices different? Let's look at that hand shall we? In 2012, your thumb is the communications dept: because that's how Blackberry talks and how we tweet quickly. Like LinkedIn, the index finger is the leader, the strategic one; it tells by pointing direction, it asks by scratching the head. The middle finger, often used for the expression of profanity is the social one, nuff said. The third or 'ring' finger is what I call the iFinger- eating messy foods it's the one kept clean to operate iphones, ipads and other devices. And lastly, because this is a Canadian blog and Planned Giving professionals do drink a lot of tea the pinky needs to always stand at the ready should the need arise...

Fact is we need to think more strategically about the business use of LinkedIn and Twitter. We need a game plan says George Bradt in Forbes, he cowrote one of my favourite books I recommend to peers on how to make a full spectrum plan for success that includes face to face networking and online connecting.

LinkedIn is the business powerhouse, classic thoughtful style like this great R&B song I love, Knock on Wood. But! Too many business professionals write off Twitter. Sure it's a little flashy, can be seen as gaudy but it drives more online referrals faster. Much like clients find us because of new, flashy ideas, I had never heard of the original song because being born in the 1970's I only know it's flashy, #1 Platinum hit reincarnation by Amii Stewart. The two can work together to drive business but we need to get back to WHY what we do has value. 

We need to MAKE time to think. 

So many in my network are head over heels for this guy Simon Sinek. They brought him to speak at Canada's largest fundraising conference --- he shared great insight and rocked it....so enjoy the talk below. 

I hope it will leave you as thoughtful as it did me....after all it IS the summer people. Years gone by we would slow down and use this time to think. Thinking and strategy ARE important assets in business right?!

More on "The Power of Habit" soon...

Thanks for reading,

Anyone who is going to slow down and think this summer feel free to join me next weekend at my informal networking afternoon July 15 and enjoy this great Toronto artist and song!!! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

A public thank you to Jacklyn Atlas

A pet peeve of mine

People who use wedding pictures and other terrible shots to represent themselves on LinkedIn and other social media feeds

Used to be that only consultants, celebrities and politicians took headshots. Many good hard working intelligent folks ( mostly thinkers /introverts ) tell themselves it's a mark of vanity.

But in a DIY career world - you are a brand
Your digital footprint is your calling card
You need to make a good first impression.

I know a few great photographers:
A very kind charity-peer took my first headshot for LinkedIn. I met one of Canada's only national corporate photography business owners through BNI and last year an awesome guy I met through Timeraiser took the best picture I've ever had taken in my life.

But as even LinkedIn says, you need to refresh your brand every six-months to a year so it was time for a new look. I've been yammering on that I need to become a non-tie-guy and that creating your brand before you become it is the way to make goals a reality...

Enter Jacklyn Atlas - the secret of a few heavy hitting major Canadian charities I know. We met while she was working on such a project and we took a few shots to connect my profile, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds...

A humble and thoroughly insightful professional, her character made a connection - her entrepreneurial spirit makes me admire her and helps me to confidently refer. 

You should reach out to your network and find the photogs - amateur or professional. It's time to make sure your brand speaks for you

After all if a picture speaks a thousand words, that same picture could speak more than all the words on your dumb paper resume that never gets any damn response right? 

Not to worry though, I promise to hold an even in August ( like last summer ) or September with a photographer to take headshots....

Until then, Jacklyn, you're awesome. Thank you.

(Donna Newman takes us out with some more important tips on how to use LinkedIn besides just a great headshot.... )