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Friday, October 29, 2010

Slowing down for stress sickness

We do it to ourselves

In my case it's no surprise to anyone.

'cept me of course.

So I've been moving every weekend for work / weddings / family obligations every single day since the end of August. Almost sixty days straight.

I've been on adrenaline so
long my blood my qualifies as a performance-enhancing substance. This was the weekend I was going to "slow down". As soon as that message hit my brain - the wave of chemicals I was riding was cut off and sickness took me in 24 hours.

I have read so many business
books and articles about this. I never learn.

Maybe someone else can learn from my vast stupidity.

Within this stupid-sea, a moment of beauty: Today is a most beautiful fall day in Toronto.
I had to go return the gorgeous brand new Prius I used to drive to a meeting yesterday. Driving sick made me slow down, and it was then I found the power of the electric car...

I took the most scenic, lake-bound route downtown and listened to Jazz on volume level "1" ( it's usually top 40 on volume level 40).

I got about ten honks and five middle fingers.
The Prius on electric is no race car. Thanks to Zipcar I drove a Mustang GT this past summer. The engine is like a Tiger getting ready to pounce.

hen you hit the gas on a Prius electric it's like an old man screaming into the wind.

But - it was a truly beautiful moment of peace.

As usual. Forced upon me.

Will the same moment be forced upon you?

Or will you MAKE it.

*sniff* soup time.

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