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Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's not Social - it's Business

These days, I get patted on the head a lot
Oh, so cute!
Paul likes to use social media like the kids do!
Do you post
what you had for lunch on twitter paulie?

I don't mind, I've always loved flying u
nder the radar.
And there are some damn smart people on twitter,
I'd rather have
them all to myself.

But I was reading this article in
the Globe and Mail today - "Time to adapt to social media - or face the consequences"

Now, I don't like threats but let me share a secret with you.
SOCIAL media is for weekend warriors and tweens.
I'm into BUSINESS media.
It's about relationships, con
necting, dialogue.

I participate to create prosperity and abundance
for me, for my network, fo
r you if you're ready.

LinkedIn is the Facebook of Business

Twitter is communicating at the
speed of thought

Blogs allow you to explain yourself in detail

Here's the thing. One day soon, everyone is going to have to get on board. You know that day is coming, so why w
ait and be the last to learn?

All I'm saying is, start lifting light weight!
Create a profile, don't use it. Seriously!
In six months, start to try it out.
If you start today,
you'll have LOTS of time to play with it.
Before it becomes your jo

Lastly, we're in new territory what if you could get the one twitter handle that describes your entire sector! It's like cyber-squatting in the early 2000's!

Get out there, I'm right there with you - treading water and learning.

Soon, you'll be conducting your own social media symphony!

If you want to read ONE book in 2011 about HOW to engage? Read this one.

As always, I'm here to help, Paul

Ps. Here's something to get you thinking....click for link

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