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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Full disclosure - the fan is IN the building! Humber Fundraising

This is post is no secret or surprise.

I've been a fan of the Humber College Fundraising program for a while now...

But from today onward I'll have to use a big fat " * "

You see, I've gone from raving fan,
to new member of the "Advisory Committee"
so when I speak of it I have to "disclose" this connection

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE - I was a fan first.

Remember when you felt like this
about life and your career?

Since I started in fundraisi
ng ( as a "planned giving" guy ) over a decade ago I loved my job but there was one challenge I had yet to tackle...

The dreaded conference speaking session.
So I tried. And bombed.

Then I was asked to jo
in a team speaking to Humber College students about my beloved CAGP and passion for planned giving - I found my voice.

I also found a program that was more intense, supported and networked than any other I had ever seen. One where the students and faculty shared my passion for this work.

Since then I have been lucky enough to be invited for five years to speak to the class, my covert goal to steal the best. I find the brightest, hungriest who are going to make a powerful contribution to the profession and I support them as much as I can.

No secret too that I think the coordinator Ken Wyman is a mensch. Here's why...

And the people I've met, the alumni, the students, the network - frankly it has enriched my life as much as my career

I even teach now at the fantastic Georgian College fundraising program which is national, a different offering than the Humber full time program. Something that would never have happened with out my first opportunity to not just "speak" but "teach"

A special thanks to Rob Peacock who gave me the shot in the arm I needed then and now...a mentor to so many.

Humber wasn't a player when I started fundraising. But when I was a young up and coming fundraising professional, with no name/fame - just passion, experience and a clear vision of how a young person could make a difference, Humber invested in me. I'll never forget and will strive to repay that investment, forever.

Can't wait to meet the class of 2012

Take a quick peek at this video, see just one reason this is such a special program


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