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Monday, March 21, 2011

Twitter turns five! Who cares!

Ok ok so this post is going to sound bitter and jaded.

Mostly becau
se it is.

I'll say it again. WHO CARES?!

Facebook has 500
million users
LinkedIn is
closing in on 100 million
Twitter at 5 years has over 75 million

And yet, to many of Canada's largest charities, the social media policy is simple.

Nah, we're good. We'll...take a pass.

I didn't j
ust offer you a baloney sangwich
I'm talking about a media revolution here!!

Still good thanks. Please don't do it at the office.

Many have told me, we'll only invest in one.
So of course they're all on Facebook.

Let me outright state my bias.
I hate Facebook, it's too damn messy.

People don't want to do business next t
o drunken weekend pictures.

I know it's the best way to build awareness and community.
Business networking is my comfort zone, LinkedIn rules for
I know what everyone is there to do.
We do it, and get back to rea
l life.

But even I see the need to be in the conversati

I was speaking to a peer in charge of communicating with teenager
s for a charity.
Her beat is schools and tweens.
She is banned from Facebook at the office.
She knows that even though she gets paid, s
he is a fraud. She doesn't exist.
And it's killing her.

At this point most of you reading this know that social media is here to stay
And while it stays it's changing the world.

You are in the VAST min
ority. Don't kid yourself.

Why am I telling you this?

1) I'm BEGGING you to
help my favourite charities catch up. Be ready for the call.

2) Join me for a cup of tea while we watch
the Luddite Captain sink the Titanic

Should be fun.

So! Please take Digital Leap through the roof!

My beloved CSI
You are a daily inspiration
And I
covet you daily
I'll send more people your way to be terrified at what you represent...

titans of social media in my tiny little world continue to stomp around... making trouble and disturbing web 1.0 users

I will gratefully watch,
listen and learn.

Congrats though Twitter.

I would
have come to the party
my typewriter is out of ribbon...

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