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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Timeraiser - What a year!

When was the last time you really stepped out of your comfort zone?

Because of a program called "Timeraiser" I did for the past year...
It was uncomfortable and surprisingly exhilarating!

It all began when I joined a LinkedIn group called UnitedWay Toronto GenNext.

A group that was all about
"giving a damn" in your city and engaging young professionals.

The first event coming up was called the "
Timeraiser 2010". As someone who works in non-profit, I thought the idea was both brilliant and fascinating.

I went to the event, it was affordable
, fun, in a hip and trendy location and had incredible music
(Franklin's Fault -
Incredible live band blues, jazz, funk )

Got swept up i
n the bidding and the concept of actually having my own original piece of art!

I work up the next day and thought, hey no sweat...I used to volunteer 40 hours a week!
But that was before the wedding ring, dog, cat, baby etc...

It was an interesting
year. I met some crazy professional volunteers at a Blue Jays game, which actually led to my first blog post.

Took me outside my comfort zone
as I usually only volunteer with charities I donate to and know well.

Met many amazing professionals and continue to volunteer at the uber-professional Acces Employment Services in Toronto. I joined GenNext for a Speed mentoring evening of theirs. Very well organized, great use of time, highly recommend it.

Even when I helped out with PR for the event I was le
arning how to use new Twitter functions.

Did some board and other community work - all to end up back at the 2011 event.

Last night was a lot of fun. I picked up my art and capped off an amazing year.

I meet so many people who
tell me "I need to get out more and network"
but I know, it's tiring! Exhausting just thinking about it.

Let me confess here:
Timeraiser gave me the mo
GenNext makes it easy.
The charities make it way too much fun to do something good for this world.
Make no mistake I engaged in
some $$ making business networking at the event
I met new people who are professionals like me and are now part of my network

I'm a CBC radio junkie and got to meet Garvia Bailey, host of Big City, Small World

It GAVE me energy. Aided my happiness and success in work and life.
I feel almost guilty for going through the experience and ending up ahead.

So! Join GenNext on LinkedIn , Twitter or online today.

Don't miss Timeraiser 2011 in your city or in Toronto in 2012
( I'll be there! )

Thank you deeply
Timeraiser and GenNext team, you have given me a great gift.

I am eternally grateful.

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