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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do you have social media insurance?

Welcome.....to your everything.

Let me just go on a tangent for a second. I WANT THAT TIE/POCKET SQUARE COMBO - I've been sc
ouring the internet - I will pay anything. *ahem* back to the topic at hand.

Three smart cookies got m
e thinking....

Malcolm Burrows
asked about a digital estate plan

od Sharma went through a social media black out

Susan RoAnne asked the question....service or spam?

We have insurance for our physical stuff...what about our digital stuff?

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge promoter of LinkedIn.
I don't use Facebook and haven't invested in other social media
(ok, I have a Twitter account - but because it's connected to my LinkedIn!)

I have put all my eggs in one basket.

I have important contacts in there
Blog posts with ideas I want to remember
that are important to my career
Book reviews of great reads

If LinkedIn starts to pull a Facebook, or if the service goes down or under

What then?

Thanks for the thought!

So I backed as much as I can up today.

Nothing huge, just cut and paste into Word.

But if
there's a digital disaster... I'll be ok.

Something you might want to consider?

Go on the attack, do it right now.
(Ps. LinkedIn has a really cool "export" into Excel function!! )

After all, the best defense...

1 comment:

  1. Diversifying is a great form of insurance.

    I use Google for my blogging (like you), the Internet Archive for my podcasts, Wikidot for my websites, LinkedIn for business connections, Twitter for updates, YouTube for videos, Friendfeed for amalgamation of status updates and Facebook for very little. For backups, I use JungleDisk and Dropbox.

    I'm most vulnerable to Google (Gmail, calendar, blogs, searches, videos, traffic) and hope they don't decide to be evil. The safest solution is probably to host everything yourself but that's inconvenient and gets costly (time, money).

    I should make more backups ...