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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a challenge to leaders - you need to be a mentor

Two leaders, two days.

Yesterday I sat with a mentor in my life. Someone I observe often.

They helped me a ton a few years ago by letting me watch how they solved problems
- management problems
- strategy problems
- interpersonal problems
- family problems
- life problems

It was of huge value early in my career

There plenty of great mentoring programs out there

But what I'm talking about isn't formal

It's three face to face meetings a year - that's it

Just let young professionals understand why you're human
ESPECIALLY if you have a rep of being superhumanly awesome

Let 'em see inside the kitchen of your mind.
Like my cooking mentors
Urban Peasant, Wok with Yan and Pasquale

Was with another brilliant professional today
In their sector they were unmatched and the sun is setting on their working life

But they didn't build a successor. No direct mentoring at all.

And now a professional legacy is dying. What a waste.

So! Hot shot. Start today.
40 year old Directors. Start today.

30 something up and comers. Call a big name. Ask to buy them lunch.

DON'T SAY "can I pick your brain"
- that's what zombies do

"Can I listen and learn"

I know, it's hard for me to shut up too.

Get lunchin'

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