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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Welcome new Twitter Followers!

Thank you for investing your time on Twitter with me!


I wanted to say a personal thanks and to be up front about what you’ll find in your feed from me and what I hope to do for you as a follower.

For the past decade my interest in social media has not been social, I amDbusiness obsessed with the future of digital business. You’ll see lots of content on how and why business and social are working together.

My career for the past 15 years has been in fundraising – I now work for a national Canadian charity that serves hundreds of advisors (law, finance & accounting), thousands of charities and millions of donors called CanadaHelps. So you’ll find trends in finance, philanthropy and fundraising strategy with insights crossing the country on a regular basis allows me to observe.

KeepCalmNetworkONI live to serve passionate professionals, it’s my personal mission in life. Networking is the very air that I breath. So you’ll see lots of content on connecting for better business and a better life.

Lastly, I’m an addicted reader. Business books mostly, biographies and other material that keeps me learning and giving me the tools to help others find their way to personal success. I have a business book blog that I post from here.

WARNING!! I feel I should inform you of the following!

  • 90% of my tweets are scheduled, sure I interact but I work a lot so I almost never live tweet except from events or talks. Consider me your resource on digital business, smart philanthropy and personal success – ask me a question though, I’ll always be there.
  • This is 98% a professional account, there will be no pictures of my kids, instagrammed lunch or music concerts. The 2% is my own personal insights on movies, mens’s style and political stuff.
  • I’m interested in your personal success, so from time to time I’m going to get all up in your business and ask how I can help. This is why I’m here, it’s what I live for, to lift up great people.

Thanks again for the follow, remember I am here to help. So ask questions, ask for introductions, challenge me on my position on anything.

This is the world’s largest networking event and I just asked you “so who are you and why are you on this earth?” – I look forward to your response.

Paul Nazareth

Enjoy this quick video on Twitter for business!

Twitter for Business


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