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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Masterclass moment in business networking: Gratitude

I often describe networking as my oxygen.

It’s how I breathe, I do it daily and naturally as part of living.

It’s not in my DNA, it’s a decades-long learned skill.

workthepontAfter dozens of books, hundreds of sessions given and thousands of networking meetings later – it often returns back to one team and one book.

Work the Pond.

This book has been at the top of my list for a decade. It can be read by anyone, business people, students, anyone who is trying to learn how to connect with people to build relationships.

Years ago I reached out to the Shepa team, Judy and Gayle responded and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Sure I promote their book every chance I get and mention it in my many presentations and articles but that’s because it’s the best. I have no expectation of recognition or return from them.

Wonderfully, Gayle and Judy keep in touch and have even mentioned me kindly in their weekly networking tip ( which I highly recommend you subscribe to, click here ) – but their gratitude was raised to a new level recently.

It was a random afternoon at work, a phone call: ‘you have a package at the front desk’ which I wasn’t expecting. Upon opening I found this:

What’s up with Olives you say?

See, every once in a while I share with my network in conversation or social media things that fascinate me. Sometimes in frustration I can’t satisfy my curiosity about things like men’s style, pop culture and … the history of olives! For years I searched and have never seen a book or information about the history of this hyper-popular part of food culture.

Here’s where the networking learning comes in.

Listening, actively will give you insight into how to master gratitude. There are so many people we are grateful to but it is in the unexpected moments where we can surprise, delight and be of value that we make an impression that will last. Gratitude is a hidden business tool too often forgotten.pond2

This is a business lesson, this is a life lesson.

It’s why their book is a best seller the world over for more than ten years. 

One of SO many lessons this team teaches me. 

Am I saying thanks for saying thanks? Yes, but I’m also applauding the teachers for walking their talk.

You rock Shepa team!



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