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Monday, September 23, 2013

A personal welcome to new Twitter followers



I wanted to say a special welcome that was longer than 140 characters, and let you know what to expect for your follow...

I am on Twitter with a purpose. You won’t see pictures of my lunch, or me with celebrities or my kids making cute faces (much). You WILL find content on:

You’ll find other social feeds and my mission statement HERE

TwitterbusinessThis is not a social profile. It’s 95% business ( 5% Other )

I am obsessed with the future of “Social Business” and “Social Profit and I’m excited to find more business and fundraising professionals who are too. 

I help tweeps with career development, job searches in the end - I exist to help passionate professionals succeed.

KeepCalmNetworkONSo please, engage and share your wisdom and stay in touch. Thank you for investing your time on twitter with me!

Enjoy this quick video on ‘social business’ 

Paul Nazareth

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