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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A tiny token of gratitude… CBC Metromorning

Ok so I'm ruining the surprise @metromorning - I baked you a couple dozen mammoth cookies! And something for MattNice to get a shout-out on one of Canada’s most listened to morning shows – CBC Metro morning last week.

Dozens of peers, emailed, phoned and tweeted – Paul why are you baking cookies for the hosts of a radio show?!

It all started on my one annual clothes shopping road trip, when I buy ALL my business clothing accessories for the year in one shot.

I saw this bow-tie set and thought of Matt Galloway the host of my favourite CBC radio show. Now Matt rocks the bow-tie, not acbcmetromornings much as Mr. Enright but he’s a champion of being a man whose life doesn’t revolve around just beer and sports, he’s curious, he loves his city, and he inspires me.

My buddy who was with me quipped “that’s weird man, buying a bowtie for another dude. That’s something you pretty much only do for family”. Then I realized, CBC has a spot on my personal board of directors, I grew up on Metro Morning for breakfast and As it Happens for dinner thanks to my father. Matt and the huge crew of Metro morning are indeed part of my family, I’m addicted to CBC Podcasts - I’m so grateful for all of them.

So I got baking, cookies for business family ( past co-workers of mine will know about this ) and I dropped them off Friday. Thanks gang, you make this city, this country, a better place to live.

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Ps. For the 1000th time, I’m not directly related to Errol Nazareth but I did reach out to him on LinkedIn years ago and recently was part of the push convincing him to join Twitter! So welcome and follow him here if you’re a fan of the show! 

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  1. This made me smile, I didn't know you baked too!