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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Release your inner networking ninja!

Note: This blog post has a soundtrack, go to the bottom and hit play on the video.

SE2013One of the cool things my alma mater UofT does is host alumni networking events called “Dinner with 12 Strangers”.

I’ve happily hosted about four over the past few years, what an amazing way to meet a diverse set of future world-changers! Several of us keep in touch and one great student asked me to come speak to at a gathering of young scientists about “the science of networking” recently.

Speaking at Science expo on this topic really reminded me about a topic I feel passionately about – the power of thinkers.

You’ve no doubt heard me ranting last year about one of the most globally recognized business books on introverts. I’ve even created a resource page for the many lawyers, scientists, writers who don’t know about Susan Cain’s powerful work.

Inside most people who don’t think they can network is a ton of value, waiting to get out. Enter the science of networking – building the technical skills to communicate what you are passionate about. Nothing more.

No selling, bragging, shouting – none of that extrovert stuff. officeninja

Here are just some of the books I recommend to build those skills.

In 2013 Mark Bowden, one of my favourite authors has a great book coming out, here is a great video from him on of the most critical skills in network – Listening!


Release your inner networking ninja!

In the meantime, enjoy this great song that I think should be the soundtrack to great networking,

Purple        Paul Nazareth


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  1. Just emailed your Introvert pinterest board to two introverts I'm close to. Thanks for that.

    And please don't even joke about the kid-ninja thing...my 7 yr old godson is a chess machine, silent type AND professionally trained ninja.

    Christina @GPtekkie