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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where do you get ideas? Where do you find Peace?



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There is SO much noise in our now digital world. Are we just following trends, chasing the reactive work or are we strategically achieving our goals?

As much as I like to be creative, my career was built in offices and I work in big institutions…doesn’t mean we have to be devoid of entrepreneurial power, does it?

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So let’s create OTHER spaces to think about work.

And FIND our peaceful places, and go there to disconnect.

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  1. I can't believe I've taken so long to listen to this inaugural, and incredible podcast (especially since I was hoping you'd create one before I even knew you were planning one!)

    The point you made about killing the nonessential work, and stopping projects you've started really got to me. This week I was without my phone (gasp) and it was terrific, because I realized how much stuff I do that I don't have to do. This was hammered home at a workshop I went to as part of my mentorship at City Hall, where I learned about the campaign calendar.

    In a campaign calendar, election day is Day Zero, and you work backwards to today. The only things that go on the calendar are things that get votes. If it doesn't get votes, it doesn't go on the calendar. This incredibly simple notion was completely new to me - that I should fill my time with the things that will help me reach my goal, whatever that goal might be. And I started to think of all the things I assign myself and that fill up my time that don't even take me the slightest bit closer to my career goal.

    In just one week, the combination of that workshop and being freed from the self-imposed chains of my mobile device has led me to a much calmer mind. I'm on board with you - work out the spaces where you can settle and find inspiration - which I've discovered might mean you have to trim down on your activities.