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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Being selfishly generous with your time and skills


Ok, taking another crack at this podcasting thing to start the week…podcast2

This one is only 5 minutes!

The theme of this podcast is about seeking the win-win between helping yourself and others, in particular why I have a networking meeting before 8am almost every weekday.

coffeemonkeyI often get called a sucker for “giving” so much to others. People advise me it’s not a “smart” way to live my life. Then I explain how everything I do to give, has a return value to me in network bench-strength and skill building. I’d love your thoughts, please comment below or on twitter…


Links mentioned in the podcast:

Hope to see you at my August 29th free networking event!


Ps. A special thank to peers who encouraged me to make the podcast and gave me some great and honest feedback after the first one… especially @gptekkie @erejman and as always @claremcdowall


  1. Ooh... this is SUCH a good idea!

    I don't do this, but this is FASCINATING. I could stand to get this going in this coming year.



  2. Ah! From the last song on your podcast,

    You might like this video by Pamplemousse:


    hee hee hee.