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Monday, April 2, 2012

Why I threw the tie

What a ride at Stephen Thomas'
Young Nonprofit Profession
als last week!

My first talk of this format, I'm still a little rough around the edges you be the judge - the talk is only 10 mins, would love some feedback/coaching

The topic? Managing Brand You,
Tips on How to Harness Your Superpowers

One thing I think didn't come across was - why did I throw my tie?

Many people know me as "the suit guy". I've been in a suit since I was 19. It wasn't part of the uniform but yes, I even wore ties in High School.

A confession:
It's my professional armour

And as much as that serves and gives me power on t
he "job" the time has come for me to engage in a more vulnerable way.

Spending time with consultants and creative types who dress with style and not by uniform - who dress to express - has created the desire to be that guy more often.

So! If you see me outside of work, help me "BE" the a
uthentic aspiration I am encouraging others to be and - toss the tie.

What's your tie? Fin
d out, check out some of the resources I recommended in the video, books and otherwise.

And as always, if I can be of help, connect.

It's not a catchphr
ase it's my way of life:
I am at your service.


ps. Thanks again Stephen Thomas crew for the opportunity. If YOU want to be a part of this safe space of growth and challenge, connect with ST online and at my beloved LinkedIn too!

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