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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hunting powerful books!

Lions hunt in packs

Usually in the early morning or at night
- which is my tribe's networking schedule too

I hunt almost daily for powerful books

My bias; I would always rather take a personal recommendation
Better than random/fake reviews or snazzy book covers

Can you help?
Please share books you're reading that are helping you:
- Work smarter
- Achieve results
- Produce more
- Be happier
- Slow down, rest, rejuvenate

Can I help you?

If you're on LinkedIn please join my book list. I post reviews there often.

If we're connected on LinkedIn, please post reviews and tell me so I can follow your list!

I'm just one oompa-loompa short of a chocolate factory and can use all the help I can get!

As always, thanks for sharing

Paul - (This is a funny video of me getting caught 'crashing' AFP Congress)

Ps. I love books and yes I too have no $ - use the friggin library!
is the second largest circulatory system in the WORLD.


If you use it though, you're saving money like me.
Please consider donating some of that $.

It will literally change lives.

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