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Monday, September 27, 2010

My family is a waste of time.

I don't claim to be wise, or smart.
But Please. Cut the crap.

Work life balance is a bald-faced lie.

Employee assistance and wellness programs are band aids.

It's all about the culture created by leadership.

After that - the choice is our own.

And I can't stand that this is true.

I had a long
day today. 7am networking meeting.
8am work meeting.

9 - 5pm
g a friend until 10pm.
On the subway home a young guy gets on the subway car with music coming from his cellphone.
Loud music.
Aggressive, offensive Hip hop.

Like any good Torontonian I said nothing and simply glared at him with annoyance.

Then I remembered and realized.

The album he was playing. Is one I really like.

The suit and tie is on 5 or 6 days a week and it's really getting to me.
When it's on, I'm not really me.
I'm them.I'm neck deep in this book - Toxic Success: How to stop striving and start thriving. It's hard to get through because I'm all about striving.

But in our ADD world,
we give ourselves over to every demand.
Sure I can say no to jerks and things that are not in line with my work and mission in life. But I don't say no to ripe opportunities, helping others, a chance to fulfill the mission that drives me.

I schedule a lot of time for my spouse and child. Emphasis on "schedule".
But. If work asks and there's no "event" scheduled.

They lose.

Just being present, has always been treated as...a waste of time.

Heartbreaking. Thank goodness for this book.

As I jump from one "life goal" to the next, convincing myself that "life will settle down" when I achieve the next
one someone shines a light on "the path to success" that is in fact.... a treadmill.
Thank you to the male mentors (men who lea
d and are fathers) that have specifically told me the solution is not to run faster but to simply get off.

Wisdom, sadly must be earned and learned.

I'm sure someone told this guy to use another type of wood.

Thank you for sharing and being patient with me.

I'm going to name you:
Promod Sharma

Bill Steinberg

Darren Pries-Klassen

Harry McAvoy
Bill Pratt

This is a really great book to help get you back on track to either work or life.

I still don't believe in balance.

You do one for t
he other.

Sometimes we need a reminder
which one comes first.

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