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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What if you could be a leader...right now!

Robin Sharma is a great business and inspirational writer. Author of several best selling books.

A few years ago he shared a concept called "leading without title". Something that really stuck with me as many in my network struggle with what is still a "command and control" hierarchical world of work.

His brand new book, "The Leader Who Had No Title" has brilliantly illustrated the co
ncept in fable format. I finished it today - a truly enjoyable read which shares this truly practical but life-changing concept.

It left me very thoughtful.

Recently, more books and people have been helping me to understand the real world challenges of working in a leadership role. My eyes have been opened to appreciating where I am and how to work and lead from "the middle" rather than "the top".

Today I was working in Collingwood Ontario. Have you been there recently?! They have JUST I mean just today finished ab
out a year's worth of work downtown (getting ready for the International Elvis Festival of course). I can't tell you how beautiful it is. If you haven't been in a while, go for a drive and visit.

I was sitting in a lawyer's office before a meeting and had this thing up on the wall called "Desiderata". I have read over 200 business books. This 100 year old poem is heavy, thoughtful, good advice. Read it below but what really stood out for me was "Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time."

However humble.

Like so many professionals, I tricked myself for so long, thinking that there is more control and more ability to influence from the top with an "important" title. Thanks to my current leader, many mentors and the great Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Sharma - I finally get it.

I can lead, make change, help others, help my mission, from an

If you're struggling with this, make contact with me and we can talk.

Enjoy Desiderata
- (click for clear version )

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