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Monday, December 26, 2011

Fundraisers healing retreat - 7 Jan 2012

This will be the most complex networking event I've ever run
the post personal, it's about pain
the most uncomfortable, I am not allowed to wear a suit

the most fun, it's about positivity
the most yummy - it's an optional potluck!

This year I hosted a going away party for a long time fundraising pe
er. Invited a few guests and I ended up making dinner for 26. It was exhilarating to have so many positive people in my network meet and FOCUS on real relationship building.

We say that phrase a lot.

Relationship building.

In a sector where turnover is 18 months and being fired out of the blue - is common and kept quiet. Where we can be at conferences attended by hundreds and still not be able to spend 10 minutes really connecting.

Where the top five answers to how are you are:
- Busy

- Crazy
- Going all out, don't know when or how to stop
- Surviving
- All of the above

Fraser Green, a long time peer and speaker did something about it. He wrote a book to help us heal our organizations and start on ourselves.

This retreat is about YOU

There will be NO drum circle
We will NOT sing kumbaya
We WILL have fun

It's on a farm, we'll meet, talk, connect
share a meal

spend some time

Then, spend some time on the farm and you're encouraged to think.

About 2011
About 2012
About your career, life and future

I love this farm.
The University of Toronto gave me my career and life. I've been going to this farm to think, before every major life decision and change. First job, marriage, dream job, baby etc.. it's just 45mins from the CN Tower.

Join me on Saturday January 7 at 9am ( ish ), done by early afternoon.
Closed invitation list - 1st LinkedIn connections known peers preferred
Fundraisers are the focus, charity/ forprofit peers VERY welcome
ALL invites are negotiable - as my twitter handles says....

Cost: $10 (UofT fee to visit farm) if you're bringing food, $15 if not.

Let me know if you're interested....

I exist to help my network make life and career intentionally awesome. Let's challenge some issues, set some goals so we can achieve them together - no more balancing on edge to survive - let's thrive in 2012!!

To quote the existential video below

"What do you want to do with your life?"


Reader chosen value - Top Posts of 2011

A little while back I was speaking with an architect I highly respect and I asked him "why did you put such an odd winding path in that location"?

He answered that it was an old architect trick, open the building and wait for the people who use it to wear a path in the grass. It will be the most convenient path between two points of importance the architect may never understand....but it is critical to them - and so he waits -and makes a formal path there later.

I believe - that people vote with their feet.
Here on the interwebs people vote with clicks

So, hoping it's of value to you, this is what you told me were the most valuable reads of 2011:

LinkedIn Tips

I don't want your resume

Who's got your back? The secret partner

Young NonProfit Canada - A new community

Business Cards

Social Media Breakfast - Secrets of LinkedIn

2010 Golden Crab Awards

Some folks don't know I also have a business book blog
not everyone can follow my Amazon book list on LinkedIn

Here are the top five reviews readers chose in 2011

The New Leader's 100 Day Action Plan

UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging

LinkedIn Log - The greatest resource on LinkedIn yet!

Top 7 must read books on Networking

Books dealing with bosses and trouble at work

As we head into
2012 I hope to continue to be of value,
thanks for investing your time with me and remember, when I say
"I'm at your service"

I mean it.

So get in touch and keep in touch.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Wine Music and Gratitude for the Holidays

Great Canadian jazzman Oscar Peterson once said

“It’s the group sound that’s important, even when you’re playing a solo. You not only have to know your own instrument, you must know the others and how to back them up at all times. That’s jazz.”

I feel the same way about networking, but I am really enjoying getting back into and learning more about jazz.

A big part of that
education is a great Canadian radio station, Jazz FM 91

At this time of year
they have a 24 hour music stream of Holiday Music made possible by the kind folks at Magnotta.

So I made a promise on twitter, just wanted to share that the promise had been kept. I visited my local store today and made my Christmas purchases at Magnotta in gratitude for their generous gift that I've been enjoying all season.

Now, just to share, they say that because they sell direct their costs are lower to consumers - as a consumer, I have to say they aren't kidding! Not just re
gular wine but some of Canada's best Icewine at impressive prices.

Ever shopped at Magnotta? Check out their holiday newsletter - maybe pay them a visit. If you do, I'd love a comment on the page...

A great adperson once said " I know half my advertising dollars make me money, problem is, I don't know which half" - Well Magnotta team, please know that you have a new customer and promoter because of this sponsorship - thank you.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and new year! Paul

Like you'll get when you visit a store...here's a taste of Magnotta!

Magnotta Winery by mgongea

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Closed Networking Event - January 4 - Downtown

Seven months ago I changed jobs and moved from a charity in uptown Toronto.. to the dreaded for profit world on Bay St. in the financial district

Fascinatingly enough, hundreds in my network
didn't see the change.

So here I am on Bay St. and those in my established team
who don't know each other have run out of time.

As a charity there was chance we might work together, as a business professional I will be turning to them, referring business to them and as my best contacts you all should know each o
ther - that's what I owe you.

So! What better way to start the year off right than to meet and introduce you to each other.
What better place than my new den of vice - business book heaven!!

Did anyone KNOW Canada's largest business bookstore lives on Bay St?
( how is this a surprise I don't know, what a dork )

January 4, 2012
5:05pm to 6:30pm
120 Adelaide at York St.
Drop in and out when you can

Bring business cards or I will hurt you

LinkedIn 1st connections only..
Those who work south of Dundas, East of University,
West of Church and North of the Lake are my focus
Exceptions are always on the table, email me if you'd like to attend.
As always I'll be hosting more open events
but this one is all about the network of profit
( for-profit and social-profit of course )

This time there is a price.
The kind folks at Books
for Business are hosting usLinkCome ready to buy one book to start your year off right

If you want a recommendation browse my book blog - or email me as I've read 300+ titles in this store and would love to share one I think could be of value to you!

Two of my str
ongest passions, networking and business books together?

Now THIS is th
e way to start a damn good year.

Join me w
on't you?

Ps. If you haven't heard of Books for Business
LinkFollow their blog
Tweet 'em
Link in with 'em

PPs. Bay St. isn't SO bad. Here's a Toronto video I'm in love with right now. If you look closely at 2:29 you can see me turn on the lights in my new office!

Toronto Tempo from Ryan Emond on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Social Media Breakfast

Anyone who knows me know that networking
is my oxygen and LinkedIn is my lungs

Special thanks to James Howe and the "Social Media Breakfast" Waterloo team for bringing me
out to KW to share my
passion for LinkedIn

I promised the presentation ( slideshare) and links to all those who attended. But before I go into those my three thoughts to sum up the entire presentation:

1) In 2012, get your personal profile in order! Optimized for your goal be it job search, career development, general networking or to help others. Here are my tips and the big resource I shared that day

2) Get your company p
rofile taken to the next level. I cited " Johnnie Walker's LinkedIn Page " and campaign as an example of a company page gone right. Get yours in order today

3) Social Media, besides LinkedIn is going to be the way business is done in the next decade. The dirty one seat to the left is "push business marketing" the one way we did business for the past many years. I love this seat on the Toronto subway, it's the ONLY private seat with no one touching or bothering me - it's about control. Enter the NEW subway, open, interactive all the way through. This is web 2.0, the NEXT way to communicate. It represents a loss of control but greater opportunity to connect and do business. You have NO choice - start experimenting in this space today, or soon you'll be left looking for a seat!

So! Links promised:

Books mentioned that help us think HOW to communicate in a Web 2.0 way:
- The Power of Pull

- UnMarketing
- Fascinate
- Enchantment

Books on LinkedIn:
- Best! New LinkeIn log
- Short and snappy, "I'm on LinkedIn, Now What"
- Most instructive, 2011 Update "LinkedIn for dummies"

Social Media Experts in Non-Profit to follow/connect with:
- Agents of Good
- Stephen Thomas - Best LinkedIn company page
- Good Works

Digital Social Media Conference for Non-Profits 2012

Innovative charity example: Small Change Fund
- Kitchener connection
- YouTube channel
- LinkedIn page

LinkedIn instructional video on Groups

Ethically Influencing - Jill Donohue

LinkedIn customizing company: LinkedIn Developers

Book on turnkey sales solutions, "The Best Service is No Service"

Special thanks to the team for uploading the presentation on YouTube! Follow along with the powerpoint - It's an hour, feel free to skim, even I can't listen to myself for that long...

Paul Nazareth

Ps. That resource, the LinkedIn log is an amazing way for those who don't get linkedin to engage it. It's only $10 online so get it and make 2012 the year get your digital self together!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Walper Hotel

Every once in a while you get tired of cookie-cutter everything

This week I was excited to be invited to the Kitchener-Waterloo area to speak about a passion of mine, LinkedIn.

I was staying overnigh
t but speaking to a very cool group called Social Media Breakfast - so I wanted to find a SM enlightened hotel. And I'm cheap and bored with cookie-cutter hotel chains.

Enter the Walper

Right downtown ( I'm so sick of walking across massive parking lots to get to some form of life ) and a Heritage property which so much character it actually inspires creativity!

My stay was perfection for the business traveler, I came in late and every detail was handled in seconds. Such a beautiful room with high ceilings and new design touches too. Free wifi, a 2011 must.

I will admit to being ner
vous as I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, but phew! Spotless washrooms and everything else..

Two touc
hes I have to mention that I really found valuable:

1. That they have a theme for their philanthropy and they share it well

2. For
the business traveler, the concept of a "grab and go" breakfast on my door handle early in the morning so I can eat on the run - BRILLIANT. I can't go to one more horrible continental breakfast bar. Yogurt, fruit, juice n' oats.

This is a creative place for people that value inspiration and comfort.

That it was ONE THIRD less than local chains like the Raddison and Holiday Inn didn't hurt at all.

A tip for network and tweeps - hope it's of value.

And to the Walper staff?

I tweeted, you responded. Kudos, it's why I booked.

The handwritten, personalized
welcome card on my nightstand with an organic honey-oat bar?
Home run.

Thank you. Paul

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The secret is in the follow up! AFP Congress 2011

They say it's not how you start
but how you finish.

The networking secret is actually in the follow up.

So another AFP Con
gress is closing up
You went to sessions, nuggets of wisdom
Maybe an afterparty,
connections made
Had a pace-buddy? Bonded with a crew?
Close the deal my friend - my humble

1) EMAIL - Every card you picked up.
Don't lose even the lightest c
onnections made. You never know when you'll need their help or when they can help you!

2) Write a card.

Handwritten yes!! The internet has killed civility! Bring it back by picking up a blank card, writing a note about the impact this person had on you, what you learned from them ( speaker at a session, someone you had a great conversation with, someone who taught you something ) and throw in a business card ( yes, even if you already gave them one )

3) Do the social media thing.
Notice, this is #
3. Yes I'm the LinkedIn enthusiast and I'm telling you DON'T send connection requests to everyone you met - do you go steady before the first date? Spend some time before you write their name in ink in your digital-addressbook. DO follow them on Twitter though! It's the passive non-intrusive networking tool so follow everyone you met!

4) MAKE a meeting - connect some how.

That thing on your desk that makes noise now and then? It's a phone, call someone in town and if they're out of town ask them when they'll be
in town. If you met someone who rocked your Congress off - make a meeting happen. Keep the learning going.
And lastly - Action!
Go over your notes in max 1 hour
Triage on Post-It notes: Ideas for you, for others, for 2012
Put them out of sight but in your path when you return
I know, lots o
f digging out to do, it's year-end after all.

I had an absolute blast being on the Twitte
r team and am grateful to the Congress team for their welcoming dynamic attitude.

We all congratulate Cynthia, Dorothea,
Chris and the Volunteer leaders on a job bloody well done - home stretch people!

Finish your race delegates but remember, if you don't follow up.
What do you really gain from attending?

Want to prove to your organization it was worth sending you?
Show them the money! And you'll make MORE - if you follow up.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

45 seconds and not a second more

Business Networking International is not just an inspiration because they're great at networking, are focused on actual revenue but I love their motto:
Givers Gain.

ay I visited a super-chapter in Toronto

hosted by my networking superhero Lisa Taylor of Challenge Factory

They have an exercise that I
It reminds me how shabby my networking is. 
A 45 second introduction.Sounds easy right?

My tips for what to include in your 45 seconds:

- Who you are, name of your company
- What
you do, 20 seconds MAX!
- What your ideal client referral looks like
- What problem you solve, how you can help others
- A story of what good business looks like for you
- Humour

- Close with repetition of who you are, company name

Some used iphone stopwatches, most didn't.

Get working on yours, practice it daily.

BNI is th
e Ninja training of networking
This is the Wushu school of business

For anyone in business, consider joining your local
It will make you money

It will change your life


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get thee to AFP Congress! My story

You changed my life when we first met.
You have helped so many, you give so much.
I respect you, I want to be with you
and now, we can be together.
AFP Congress, you had me at hello.

In 2000 I got a job in fundraising
but it was my first Congress in 2001 when I knew this would be my career.

Like so many fundraisers,
at work,
I was a leper,
an ambulance chaser

the person sent after little old ladies for
A necessary evil

And I show up to this huge conference,
full of peers
it wasn't just about the learning,
but there was much to learn

it was about the vendors, information sharing, networking

Here, people knew my worth and value
I am a bit of a romantic and I love the changing of the seasons.
That first day when I left Congress I walked up University Ave.
The sky opened up, and the first snow fell

And I was transformed, in a phone

I wrote my personal mission statement
scribbled it in that booth, it serves me to this day.
Since then I went back a few more times learned so much,
made so many connections
but then, something changed.
You see, like event, telephone and direct mail fundraisers
I am a specialist, a gift planner

We are served skillfully
by the Canadian Association of Gift Planners
who embraces charity staff and financial/legal advisors alike
So for a number of years I could only be a member of CAGP
I got to a few AFP sessions but not many
I missed that big picture, the community spirit,
the professional diversity and networking big picture
I needed to get back

So in 2004 I snuck into Congress as a woman!
Sorry, no cross-dressing involved
- the huge org I worked for
let 15+ of us share a registration,
we had to hand off the nametag to each other on breaks
A wonderful peer named Alexandra, (code name Alex)
handed me a nametag in the washroo
m area and I was back in!!

The glory and pag
eantry of the awards luncheon!
The engaging and dynamic exhibitors!

Jaded vets and doe-eyed newbies all networking, solving problems

It was like a spa-day for your professional soul
Screw chicken
soup- Congress is what the doctor really ordered.

Since then, the investment of many mentors and my passion for planned giving has allowed me to attend as a speaker a few times. A supporter and at times fan. At times groupie, I've crashed the party for the past couple years

To bring new members into the fold
to promote Canada's largest fundraising conference

and the wonderful book booth too few people visit

This year, AFP has asked me to participate in a number of ways
speaking at sessions and helping with networking programs.
My current employer agrees as I do
- Canadian philanthropy is better because of AFP
we need to cultivate and grow membership and the network
so I am again, for the first time in almost seven years

A proud member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals!

Although, I'm no longer a "fundraiser" on paper
I am
still a charitable gift planner
I will always be a fan,
a groupie, permission or not, because of my debt to repay

So I won't be at the whole conference
but I'll be there Monday night to network run a book booth tour and to contribute to the evening dinner dine-around

Wednesday night, I'll be running my "unofficial" after-party
for the wonderful students of Humber and ANY others who wish to join us

But if you are a stranger

Maybe you are on the fence

let me share - it's worth it.
Every penny, every moment invested

Let's be honest,
the public
doesn't like fundraisers
no one
likes fundraising
who stands up for what we do
who believes
in the excellence of how we do it?
A F P - that's who

Fraser Green
, one of those veteran fundraisers talks about saving your soul in his latest book

You will save it here

Passion starts here

Come with me

Crash with me
AFP rules


Ps. This is not meant to be smart or witty
I'm not a fundraising superstar, a leader or big name
I'm just some dork who loves what we do, believes it's awesome
THIS is how Congress makes me feel,
about us, about our profession and what we do